Core values

For us functionality is not only what the product is supposed to be used for, but also quality, sustainability and design. Other aspects for us are the placement of the product or what environment it will be located in. Are you only using the product based on its appearance or should it be used for hanging, storage, seating or placement?


We believe in the craftsmanship and the knowledge people have in details. Machines and automation are very useful; however, it is the craftsmanship that gives the product its uniqueness.

We are proud of our history. Many of our top products that characterise functionality and sustainability are from the early twentieth century. It proves that material and a sense of design was as much developed then as it is now. With a combination of our history and knowledge combined with the digital era we have a nice balanced way of doing business.


We believe in our closeness to home to secure the functionality and sustainability that we aim for. Therefore, our production is located in Anderstorp, Småland, Sweden.