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The Company



Essem Design was awarded with
“Marknadshornet” – a yearly award highlighting a
company for creative and impactful marketing activities. We are beyond happy that Essem’s communication effort is being recognised. In picture we have Robert and Sten-Roger that happily received the award during last week’s Värnamo Näringslivsgala.

Many thanks to
Bedowdesign and Toxic interactive solutions for the great collaboration.





Family business


We are a family business. Sten-Roger Bladh started the company as a spin off from a foundry in 2002. Almost 20 years later, his wife Monika Bladh joined the company and today their children Robert and Frida are at head of the company while Sten-Roger and Monika are working with sales, finances and customer service.





Pink month


To support the Cancer Foundation and their research against breast cancer, we donated 50% of the income from the sale of the outgoing hook Mama in pink during October and November.


There may be some left!

Mama Pink





Father's day


Father's Day has its own hook. Our hook Papa, designed by Stefan Borselius and made of recycled aluminum, is a robust hook with a strong arm.


Read more about Papa







A few years ago the Swedish Post office had a stamp with our hat rack Nostalgi.

Find out more about Nostalgi.





Kulturhuset - Stockholm


Kulturhuset/statsteatern in Stockholm has opened after renovations and we're proud to be a part of it with the bright orange, custom made Nostalgi coat stands and hat racks.








Hello Norway!


We also want to make the hallway nice in Norway. We can deliver all our products to customers resident in Norway. Get the hallway ready for the challenges of autumn and winter.

You will find our Norwegian page here.





From Blekinge to Australia


May 20, 1938 went the sisters Lisbeth and Greta Listervik out for a walk around the world. The trip went through Europe, Persia and India before they finally came to Australia where they couldn´t come further due to the war. In Australia they worked as wedding photographers, decorators, truck drivers and fabricants before they came back to Blekinge in the end of 1940’s.

During the same time Greta and Lisbeth went out for their trip, was the Nostalgi shelf set in production. Designed by Gunnar Bolin. The Nostalgi shelf is and has been a bestseller over the years and decorates many walls around the world.


Find out more about Nostalgi





Flashback; Swedish Design moves to Milan


Fuorisalone is a set of events held at various locations in Milan during the same days in April as the large furniture and design fair Salone Internazionale del Mobile takes place. Salone and Fuorisalone define the Milano Design Week, the most important event in the world for design.

In 2018, Essem Design had the opportunity to participate in the Fuorisalone event Hemma - Stories of home organized by the Swedish organization Swedish Design Moves. The event was held in a fine venue in the famous design district of Brera throughout Milan Design Week.


Quote from the invitation:

"The spilt coffee has not yet dried, the bed is still warm. Someone just left the room and you are invited to experience scenes from everyday life."


Source and organizer:


Our products at the event:
Clothing House och Triangel galgen







Essem Design is located in Anderstorp, a little locality in the south of Sweden. To contribute to our local environment, we use Swedish and local suppliers wherever possible. The end result is a skilfully crafted item for your home, done with the added care and knowledge of our trusted employees.


We live here





From Haparanda to Ystad


The reason behind how the Swedish cycling race from 1951 entered the history books was because of the long-bearded man Gustav Håkansson. He was considered too old for the competition but cycled the whole route from Haparanda to Ystad anyway. After days on the bike he arrived at the destination almost a day before the competitiors in the race. Since that day he became famous as the ”supergrandpa” of Sweden.

During the same time the Classic hat and shoe rack came into production. Designed by our own supergrandpa - Gunnar Bolin. The rack has been a bestseller over the years and decorates many homes from Haparanda to Ystad.


Find out more about Classic







At Essem Design we greet each other with a Hello! The word hello is part of the first impression you and your hallway can give to your visitors. In order for us at Essem to thrive together, give our customers, suppliers and other partners a nice impression, we follow three simple words: RESPONSIVE | DEDICATED | POSITIVE. The meaning of these words we have filled together.





Definition hallway according to Wikipedia


In architecture, a hall is a relatively large space enclosed by a roof and walls. In the Iron Age and early Middle Ages in northern Europe, a mead hall was where a lord and his retainers ate and also slept. Later in the Middle Ages, the great hall was the largest room in castles and large houses, and where the servants usually slept. As more complex house plans developed, the hall remained a large room for dancing and large feasts, often still with servants sleeping there. It was usually immediately inside the main door. In modern British houses, an entrance hall next to the front door remains an indispensable feature, even if it is essentially merely a corridor.

Today, the (entrance) hall of a house is the space next to the front door or vestibule leading to the rooms directly and/or indirectly. Where the hall inside the front door of a house is elongated, it may be called a passage, corridor (from Spanish corredor used in El Escorial and 100 years later in Castle Howard), or hallway.


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hall


Products in the picture: Nostalgi hook strip och Nostalgi hat and shoe rack



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