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There are many interesting stories, backgrounds and personalities. Here we gather interviews with designers, architects, staff, customers, suppliers and other partners. 

Qian Jiang, b. 1986
Product designer


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Familiar surprise 


How would you describe your design?

When starting a project, I am often thinking about making a link that people are able to relate to, instead of just giving a form. So product design for me is like designing a memory container. There is the "familiar" aspect but also the "surprise" part. Regarding the form-giving, I tend to keep the product with as few element as possible, aim the result for a mix of Minimalistic, Functional and Narrative. If it is also Poetic that would be a plus. I believe the drawing-blank leaves the imagination to the user, where often the "unfamiliarity" stands. 


What is the idea behind Skruvad?

The idea came about just after moving to Sweden. When visiting an old wooden workshop, I was fascinated by a wooden screw found in a traditional carpenters bench, to tighten around and loosen the grip on a piece of wood being sawn, chiseled, or drilled into. This is rare today. I felt like I can do something with it. Skruvad is a spontaneous reaction after that visit.


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Skruvad, Qian Jiang

Skruvad, Qian Jiang



Mats Theselius, b. 1956
Furniture designer



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A forgotten drawing


What is your relationship to the hallway?

None in particular. I am rather more objects-oriented than room-oriented.


Is it true that the hat rack Funk was actually designed many years ago but has not com into production until now?

I sent over a drawing to Essem Design in the nineties that I forgot to get back from them. They found it and suggested that we should put it in production. 


You have a special relationship with stainless steel. How did you get into this material?

Firstly, many materials require a consideration for surface treatment. One of the joys of stainless steel is that it does not require any surface treatment. Secondly, chromium - which is an alternative material - is poisonous and our society face big problems in taking care of it. This will lead to its eventual ban. Stainless steel is a bit like the end of the road - you can not really find a better material.


You are a collector of many things. Does this affect your design?

I look at my collection in the same way as a writer gathering material for a book. It is all about gathering information. Keeping those physical objects means a lot to me when it comes to design research gathering. But I also have a lot of reference books with a focus on different materials. 


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Funk, Mats Theselius

Funk, Mats Theselius



Maria Angantyr and Clara Lindencrona, b. 1979/1980
Interior architects SIR/MSA | MFA


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Maria Angantyr and Clara Lindencrona are interior architects at Ahrbom och Partner with an education from Konstfack. For Essem Design, Maria and Clara have designed the hat rack Minimalisten. We asked them about their design process and if they have any recommendations on how to make a hallway feel more welcoming.


How would you describe your design?

When designing products, we strive to create clean lines, to reduce everything to the true essence. Together with the pure and simple, we like to add playful details. Function is a prerequisite and should speak for itself, so that the user feels at ease. We like to use materials that age beautifully as well as designs that feels timeless. We usually design furniture based on specific spaces and conditions and therefore the design language can vary widely from project to project.  


What is an easy way to make a hallway feel more welcoming?

The hallway is your home´s first impression! Cover your walls with a happy color or a nice wallpaper, that will provide a nice background for the furniture. Keep in mind that lighting is both functional and atmospheric. Organize your hallway with practical shelves and compartments and leave some hooks or hangers unused so that the visitor feels welcome!


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Minimalisten, Maria & Clara

Minimalisten, Maria & Clara



Andreas Klippinge, b. 1981
Product designer



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Ingenuity of Småland


Andreas Klippinge is the designer of the Tamburin hat and shoe racks. We asked him about the idea behind the product and why he likes our home county Småland so much.


What was the idea behind Tamburin?

The product family Tamburin emerged from my ambition of drawing something "super-functional". The choice fell on hallway furniture, important for Swedish homes and completely indispensable as Scandinavian climate with large seasonal fluctuations, puts our homes to the test.


What is your background?

Just as Tamburin, I am a local product of Småland you could say, this is where I grew up and later got my education. I have studied sustainable design at the Linnaeus University in the city of Växjö, where I still live and run my design studio. In addition to function and sustainability, I also believe in long-lasting quality and precision in details. 


What is so great about Småland?

The province of Småland is known for holding a large group of companies that represents the value chain in the Swedish furniture and interior design production, and the people from Småland are famous for their ingenuity and being extra careful in managing their resources. So all put together, I guess that would make Tamburin the most typical product of the province. 


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Tamburin, Andreas Klippinge

Tamburin, Andreas Klippinge



Magdalena Holm, b. 1983
Head of Sustainability 


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Magdalena Holm is responsible for sustainability here at Essem Design. Read our talk about how we make Essem Design a greener company.


What does sustainability mean to you at Essem Design?

At Essem Design, we believe that the best way to take care of the environment is to create products that are designed and produced to last for a long time. Our premises in Anderstorp are heated by rock heat and we also use 100% gren electricity. To save on transport and to contribute to our immediate area, we use Swedish and local suppliers as much as possible.


Can you name a few things that you are actively working on to improve the environment?

Right now we are installing 204 solar panels on our roof which will produce about half of the electricity we consume at the company. We have also changed one of our suppliers to a company that works very actively with environmental issues, both in terms of reducing energy consumption and recycling of materials. 


What do you think makes a good hallway?

A good hallway for me is both functional and stylish. It should be quick and easy to hang things, get an overview of where things are to quickly get off in the morning and it should be easy to clean. This is exactly why I think our products are so good, as they can be changed as needed by building and rebuilding. There are also endless variations, which means that you always find something that fits your hall.   


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Solar panels on Essem Designs roof

Solar panels on Essem Designs roof