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Customization needs


Anna Johansson is a salesperson at Senab. We had a talk about the hallway interior for Kulturhuset in Stockholm as well as her own hallway.


Can you tell us a bit about Senab?

Senab is one of the leading suppliers of interior for public setting in the Nordics. We provide everything from bars and restaurants with a wide range of products such as bar counters and office chairs. 


Why did you choose Essem Design as supplier for the hallway interior for Kulturhuset?

The visitor centre in the newly renovated Kulturhuset is designed by Maria Angantyr and Clara Lindencrona from Ahrbom architects. It was a given decision for me to work with Essem since they are always helpful with customization which was required to create a unique hallway interior for Kulturhuset. Furthermore, Essem Design has a short lead-time and a high service level. 


What is the hallway like in your own home?

My hallway consists of no less than 5 doors and therefore functionality is key. I actually came across a hook strip from Essem Design at a second hand store. It is now in my hallway, perfectly organizing my outerwear. 


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Anna Johansson
Salesperson at Senab


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