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Qian Jiang, b. 1986
Product designer

Familiar surprise 


How would you describe your design?

When starting a project, I am often thinking about making a link that people are able to relate to, instead of just giving a form. So product design for me is like designing a memory container. There is the "familiar" aspect but also the "surprise" part. Regarding the form-giving, I tend to keep the product with as few element as possible, aim the result for a mix of Minimalistic, Functional and Narrative. If it is also Poetic that would be a plus. I believe the drawing-blank leaves the imagination to the user, where often the "unfamiliarity" stands. 


What is the idea behind Skruvad?

The idea came about just after moving to Sweden. When visiting an old wooden workshop, I was fascinated by a wooden screw found in a traditional carpenters bench, to tighten around and loosen the grip on a piece of wood being sawn, chiseled, or drilled into. This is rare today. I felt like I can do something with it. Skruvad is a spontaneous reaction after that visit.


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In the picture is Skruvad coat stand and the mirror Tillbakablick.


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