Policy of Integrity

At Essem Design AB, we are considerate of your personal integrity. This policy of integrity contains information on how Essem Design AB collects and gathers personal data. Whether you contact us as a customer, distributor or for employment you also accept our policy of integrity and management of your personal data. You also accept that Essem Design uses electronic and physical communications tools to send information to You.


What kind of personal data do we manage?

We only manage the data that you give us, to be able to deliver goods/inform about our products/services/the company or for employment.

We save the data as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose for why it was collected and as long as it is necessary by current law and regulations.


How do we manage your personal data?

Only authorized personnel at Essem Design manage your data and a few of us selected subcontractors.

We make sure our subcontractors have the same obligations as we have, by written agreements and control of compliance.

We never forward, sell or exchange your personal data for marketing purposes.

The data we manage are stored inside the European Union according to current law and regulations.

We have made technical and organisational commitments to protect your data from any theft, manipulation or unauthorized usage. We make continuous security updates according to the latest technology.

What are your rights?

At any given time, you have the right to receive information of what data we manage about you and unregister from our newsletters.

If your data is false, incomplete or irrelevant you can request them to be corrected or erased. However, we cannot erase your information if there is a legal case of storage, e.g. bookkeeping laws, or any other legitimate reasons we need to save them.

To be able to help you with your rights, you have to contact us in writing. If you want to unregister from our newsletter, please email us at info@essem.se.

To find your personal data, we need your name, ID number, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Please state which email address you want the information sent to, what password you want on the zip file.

To make sure it is actually You who gets access to your personal data is it important to include your signature and a copy of your driving licence or ID.

After finished request we delete your proposal.