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The hallway is the room that says “hello” and “goodbye”. It welcomes you in and it invites you back. It is not just a functional room, but also a space that can make an impression. Many people even regard it as the most important room in a home — the place that raises expectations of what is to come. Others see it merely as a functional passage.

At Essem Design we consider both aspects — we believe that function and character are equally important when it comes to interiors. Our product range takes in both functional hat racks from the 1930s and distinctive hooks from the most prominent designers of today. At Essem Design we believe that the best way of caring for our environment is to create products that are designed and made to last. We believe in sustainability throughout the process, from design to delivery and warranty.


Our history

Essem Design is a second-generation family firm with a history that goes back to 1937.


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Essem today

“Essem Design should be synonymous with the first room in the home.”


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The environment and sustainability are important to us. We follow an environmental policy, our business policy emphasises sustainability, and we are ISO-certified for quality and environmental matters. Many of our products have parts made of recycled aluminium and parts that can be easily replaced.


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