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Nostalgi – a Swedish Design Classic. Functional, Customizable and Timeless

Unveiled in 1937, the Nostalgi hat and shoe rack has become a staple piece in Swedish hallways. The simple but smart design has overcome decades of trends and has always found new fans along the way.

Elegance again and again

The hat and shoe rack has from the very beginning been made out of recycled aluminium; one of the few materials that can be reused over and over without any loss of quality. At Essem Design we believe that the best way of caring for our environment is to create products that are designed and made to last. Nostalgi hat and shoe rack are a testament to that and the essence of Swedish furniture legacy.

Made to fit any Hallway

Hallways are rarely the same, neither in size nor in style. The construction of bars and brackets allows for a seamless adaption to your hallway space. The generous range of colours and materials makes it match your hallway style.

A Welcoming Home

We take pride in having plenty of options for you to pick and style. With high-quality materials, you can rest assured that your choices will not compromise the performance and durability of the end product. However, they will significantly impact the ambiance of your hallway.

From 138.00 EUR
The Nostalgi hook strip originates from our classic Nostalgi hat rack designed by Gunnar Bolin. The brackets are made of recycled aluminium joined by round bars in wood, steel and aluminium.
From 138.00 EUR
The Nostalgi hat and shoe racks were designed by Gunnar Bolin in 1937. The rack has come and gone over the years, but is now regarded as a classic in the history of Swedish furniture.
From 179.00 EUR
The hat rack Nostalgi 291 was designed in the 40’s. It became an appreciated alternative to the classic precursor, Nostalgi, after having received feedback from clients expressing a want for a hat rack with more depth and extra space for hangers.

The Kins of Nostalgi

Nostalgi has been with us for a long time, proving the test of time. Shortly after the first Nostalgi hat and shoe rack was introduced, Nostalgi 291 came out with an extra added bar allowing for more storage and room for hangers. More than 80 years later we added the bench and hanger to the family, and we couldn't be more proud to continue the legacy of Nostalgi with designer Roger Persson.

Nostalgi bench black/black
Nostalgi hanger black

Gunnar Bolin

Meet the stubborn designer behind the timeless Nostalgi hat and shoe rack. Born in 1919 in Anderstorp, Småland, Bolin had no desire to take over the family farm. After a series of casual jobs, he decided to start his own metal foundry instead and thanks to his native stubbornness and sense of form, Bolin succeeded in his field. The Nostalgi and Classic hat and shoe racks make it clear why, and Bolin's creative journey continues to leave an indelible mark on Swedish furniture design.