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Category is Hangers for: 69007013
3-pack hanger Triangel
From 39.00 EUR
Hanger made from one piece of bent steel. The rounded corners reduce the risk of clothes snagging and getting torn.
Category is Hangers for: 66268487
Rubberised coat hanger
From 21.00 EUR
Rubberised coat hanger, extra wide to look after your jacket. Stylish shape with stainless steel hook. Elegant design. Rubberised (soft touch) with non-slip effect.
Category is Hangers for: 66268005
Wooden hanger 324
From 8.00 EUR
Economical all-round wooden hanger with bar. Simple design, straight space-saving model with trouser rail.
Category is Hangers for: 66268008
Wooden hanger 325
From 8.00 EUR
Economical all-round wooden hanger. Simple design, straight space-saving model.
Category is Hangers for: 66268785
Wooden hanger 807
From 19.00 EUR
A classic wooden hanger, perfect for a top, jacket or coat. Curved model for a stylish appearance.