Environmental sustainability is very important to us. We have an environmental policy, as well as a business policy. The aluminium in our products is 100% recyclable and is manufactured in Småland, Sweden. 

We are qualified and certified against ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 to strengthen our internal processes.


Environmental policy 
Essem Design manufactures and markets functional and sustainable hallway interior with the aim to minimise the environmental damage. With our continuous improvements together with our employer’s commitment and motivation, we make sure to keep this aim alive. It is a work in progress with a mind-set that is very motivational and inspiring, because of the benefits it brings to all of us. 

Essem Design aims to:

  • Minimize the quantity of waste and recycle to the greatest extent possible.
  • Continue developing the production to minimize pollution of the environment.

  • Deliver goods to the market demands, and also adhere to environmental laws and regulations. 

  • Influence our suppliers to engage in an active environmental policy.

  • Develop new products in using material with as little environmental damage as possible. 

  • Minimise the use of resources when it comes to packaging and transports.

  • Continue improving through education, goals and motivated staff. 

Business policy 
Essem Design is the personal company that will develop, manufacture and market sustainable, functional and designed hallway interiors with emphasis on market demands. We work closely with both our customers and distributors. Our management system is characterised by continuous improvements in quality and environment. 

We choose environmental friendly alternatives and distributors from the local area to the greatest extent possible. We adhere to all laws and regulations. We aim to minimise the use of raw materials and natural resources as well as prevent pollutions.




ISO 9001ISO 14001