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NOTE! Suitable only for concrete, stone or wood walls.


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Set of screw on concrete, stone and wooden walls for hat racks, shoe racks, hook strips and benches. Available in different variants to fit your product. We only offer screws for concrete, stone and wooden walls. If you only have a plaster wall, we recommend contacting your nearest specialist for advice.




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The set of screws fit following products: Nostalgi, Classic, Tamburin, Funk, Anna, Sara, Minimalisten, Björkman, Ekman, Jaxon and Bench 67.


Available with black star screw head, white star screw head and silvery star screw head. The package also contains plastic plugs to cover the screw head; white for white and black for black and silvery screw head. There are two length variants on the screws as well as plastic plugs for concrete and stone walls.


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