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Removing all redundant decoration leaves pure functionality. Index is a shoe horn in its most refined form. That is how the Bedow design studio describe their minimalist shoe horn. Index, which takes its name from the finger you use to put your shoe on. The Index shoe horn is perfect for hanging on most of our racks and hooks.


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40x400x2 mm (WxHxT)


Material: Steel


Colour codes, powder-coating: Black textured (RAL 9005), white textured (RAL 9016)


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For more than ten years, the Bedow design studio has been challenging the mundane to create something extraordinary. Their playful, minimalist approach to design has been widely acclaimed, with projects and clients from all over the world. For Essem Design, Bedow has created the Index shoehorn and the Tillbakablick mirror.

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Removing all redundant decoration leaves pure functionality. Index is a shoe horn in its most refined form.
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The Tillbakablick mirror from the Bedow design studio harks back to the modest design of the Shaker movement. Its practical design makes it easy to move. Made of birch plywood which has been either oiled or stained. Available in round and rectangular models.