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Emelie L=700 mm svart/svart skohylla dubbel monterad

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Emelie L=700 mm svart/svart skohylla dubbel monterad

Article number: R801-70 ST/ST


Package volume (m3): 0.02

Package weight (kg): 2.68


Gunnar Bolin

Born 1919 (died 2010) in Anderstorp, Småland. Early in his career it was clear that Bolin had no desire to take over the family farm. After a series of casual jobs, he decided to start his own metal foundry instead. Thanks to his native stubbornness and feeling for form, Bolin managed to be successful in his field. The Nostalgi and Classic hat and shoe racks make it clear why.

From 138.00 EUR
The Nostalgi hat and shoe racks were designed by Gunnar Bolin in 1937. The rack has come and gone over the years, but is now regarded as a classic in the history of Swedish furniture.
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The hat rack Nostalgi 291 was designed in the 40’s. It became an appreciated alternative to the classic precursor, Nostalgi, after having received feedback from clients expressing a want for a hat rack with more depth and extra space for hangers.
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Gunnar Bolin designed the Classic hat rack in the late 1950s. Classic. Its rounded form broke new ground and saved a lot of heads from sharp edges.