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Andreas Klippinge, b. 1981
Product designer

Interview with Andreas Klippinge Design about the Tamburin hook strip


How did you approach the design process of the new hook strip? What was your inspiration? What was important to you from the beginning for the design of the product?

The inspiration came from dolphins and pinball. Recessed, the hook sticks up above the wooden slat like the dorsal fin crossing the surface of the water on a playful dolphin. The contrast between the precise manufacturing technique and the simple mechanical movement is taken from pinball games. Just like these, it's hard to keep your fingers off, you almost want to fold out a hook even if you don't need to hang anything at the moment.


The design is of course also based on classic hook strips with wooden knobs for hanging. It was a very exciting challenge to add something completely new and even better to such an old design. Being able to fold away the hook felt like an obvious choice, since hanging is usually temporary. This must be done through clear communication on the verge of being playful.


How long did the design of the hook strip take?

Essem Design gave me a brief in the early spring of 2020. I presented the idea of the ”flipper" hook together with a number of other sketches in august. Yet, this idea was the most elaborated and took more time than all the other put together. The seemingly simple designs are always the most demanding. The product development started in 2021 and where intensified in 2022 and finished by the end of that year. In February 2023 Tamburin hook strip was presented during the Stockholm Furniture Fair.


Which design elements did you pick up from the hat rack and the shoe rack for the hook strip?

With Tamburin, function is always in focus, it is the basis of the series, a straight and rounded shape follows. Which in turn is characterized by natural oak or stained ash and painted steel sheet. The noble wood stands for the feeling and high quality of the furniture and the metal for its finesse.

The Tamburin hook strip comes in three different colors, oak, white and black. With either black or white hooks.


The functionalities of the Tamburin hook strip are such that it is also ideal for use in restaurants or cafés. Did you have the areas in mind when designing the product?

Actually, the visible screw heads are a result of directing the product towards public environments, such as cafes, schools and hotels. There, you want it to be quick and easy to install things, especially if it involves a large number of items. The screw heads also communicate that this is a hook strip with durable and robust qualities, which is firmly attached to the wall.


As a designer, what functions does a piece of furniture for the hallway have to fulfil?

The hallway and the kitchen are probably the most demanding areas of the house, so function is key. As a designer, I always try to draw something with the intention that it will last forever. In this way, you try to get qualities and functions with a long lifespan, that also wants to give the eyes satisfaction and keep you interested. But after all, at the end of the journey, the materials should be able to be easily separated, sorted and hopefully given new life again.


And finally, a question out of interest: the importance of the hallway as the first room in the home has changed in recent years. How have you as a designer perceived this development? And how have you designed the hallway in your own home?

In newly built apartments, the hallway has many times almost been obliterated. More way than hall, you could say. The space is very much needed I belive. It is probably the invasion of the walk-in-closet that you can blame it on. This can easily mean chaos for the infrastructure of your own accommodation. Fortunately for Essem Design, they have the products for the small areas and which can also accompany a bit out into the corridor.


In my own home, a chain house from the early 70s, which accommodates two adults and three active boys. I have a combination of Tamburin hat and shoe rack for the daily needs and for the sake of the guests. Along with a couple of wardrobes that hide the chaos of real life.


The new space saving Tamburin hook strip I’m gonna put in a newly renovated small bathroom. It will be perfect when having guests over night, to fold out an extra hook for towel and a toilet bag.


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In the picture you can see a Tamburin hook strip oak/black.


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