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Essem Design launches the classical Nostalgi series in a new sustainable material


With the ambition to create classical products that last a lifetime, Essem Design can now announce a material addition to the Nostalgi series – Marine Bamboo. The fast growing grass bamboo is highly sustainable meanwhile retaining the classical look of Nostalgi.

One rainy autumn evening in 1937, Gunnar Bolin sat down at his desk and drew the hat and shoe rack Nostalgi. Throughout the decades the rack has become known as a classic in the Swedish history of furniture. Close to a decade later, Essem Design can present the rack in a new sustainable material – the FSC-certified Marine Bamboo. The classical design combined with the qualities of bamboo creates a sustainable product that can live on for another 85 years.


– Our ambition is always to design products that last both style and quality wise for many many years. To do so, the choice of material becomes fundamental. Therefore, we’re very happy to introduce the Marine Bamboo material for our Nostalgi products. We think it’s an interesting material with many sustainable benefits, said Robert Bladh, CEO at Essem Design.


Unlike wood, bamboo is a type of grass that grows all organically without any type of irrigation, pesticide or fertiliser. It’s an extremely fast growing material with a density of 1,200 kg/m3 which makes it stronger than oak and many other wood types. The bamboo used in the Nostalgi products can be cropped after 4-5 years– to put that into perspective, it takes roughly 40-100 years before a tree with the same qualities can be harvested. Additionally, bamboo decreases CO2 emissions. It absorbs 5% more carbon dioxide than other plants as well as passes on 35% more oxygen than trees.


The new Nostalgi in Marine Bamboo launches during November 2022. Marine Bamboo will be available for the hat and shoe rack Nostalgi and Nostalgi 291 as well as the Nostalgi hook strip.


Essem Designs hat rack Nostalgi 291 in Marine Bamboo with white brackets made from recycled aluminium.
Photo: Anne Valeur

Chosen products for Essem Designs launch of bamboo.

Marine bamboo/White
From 138.00 EUR
The Nostalgi hat and shoe racks were designed by Gunnar Bolin in 1937. The rack has come and gone over the years, but is now regarded as a classic in the history of Swedish furniture.
Marine bamboo/White
From 179.00 EUR
The hat rack Nostalgi 291 was designed in the 40’s. It became an appreciated alternative to the classic precursor, Nostalgi, after having received feedback from clients expressing a want for a hat rack with more depth and extra space for hangers.
From 17.00 EUR
Add extra hanging space to your Nostalgi hat rack with a pack of 2 anchor hooks.