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How to design a spacious hallway


Spacious hallways creates more interior opportunities as well as eases the storing of outerwear. However, some challenges might also occur with the access space. Bigger spaces requires some extra thoughts and care to remain a welcoming and warm impression. Essem Design wants to share their 4 foremost tips on how to remain the big hallway’s functionality yet a warm welcoming impression.

Longing for a more spacious home as well as a bigger hallway is quite a common wish. Spacious hallways might ease many of the room’s functionings for instance storage as well as giving more space to invite guests. Meanwhile, the functionality of a bigger space shouldn’t need to be at the expense of a cozy atmosphere. The feeling of emptiness and unused spaces in the hallway doesn’t give the welcoming first impression you want for your home. Therefore, Essem Design wants to share some tips in which the spacious hallway can be used in a more convenient way — following are the 4 foremost tips from Essem Design on how to take advantage of spacious hallways.

4 tips to utilize the space of big hallways

1. Define spaces for outerwear that are used on everyday basis or more rarely

A practical advantage with having more space in the hallway is the great access of surfaces in which outerwear can be arranged based on how often they are used. Clothes used on a daily basis could be well stored out on the hat rack. Meanwhile, the rest can be stored further into the hallway for instance on additional hooks or inside a closet. In this way, you’ll get a more natural structure in the hallway and at the same time use the space more wisely.

2. Add baskets on top of the hat rack

By adding baskets on top of the hat rack you’ll use the room’s height which can be a way to give the impression of a more well-planned and decorated room. Furthermore, it’s a great storage solution to place loose and smaller objects such as gloves, hats and other accessories – without creating a mess.

3. Assign a place in which clothes and accessories can dry

With the Scandinavian climate, wet and muddy outerwear are reoccurring. Therefore, it can be of great use to find a space nearby the entrance of the hallway intended for these objects to dry up. By placing individual hooks by the entrance you’re creating a very functional space for the rainy days but also a nice interior detail.

4. Find yourself a nice hook for the reusable grocery tote bag

By placing a hook in the hallway intended for the grocery tote bag you’ll help yourself to make more sustainable choices in your everyday life. When leaving to do groceries, forgetting the reusable tote bag is easy which can lead to unnecessary purchases of plastic bags. This interior tips, is not solely a great detail decorating wise – it will also help you to do smaller sustainable choices.


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