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New additions to the Nostalgi Family – Nostalgi Bench and
Nostalgi Hanger.

New Chapter for Nostalgi


We are thrilled to introduce our latest addition to the family – products designed to meet the same functional excellence and versatility as our existing hat and shoe rack. Nostalgi has been with us for a long time and has proven the test of time. In 1937 Gunnar Bolin designed the original hat and shoe rack – now considered a Swedish furniture classic. Shortly after, Nostalgi 291 came out with an extra added bar allowing for more storage and room for hangers. 87 years later we are adding a bench and a hanger to the family. We couldn't be more proud to continue the story of Nostalgi.


Designer Roger Persson became involved at an early stage, and we recognized his profile and past achievements as ideal qualifications to continue Gunnar Bolin's legacy and expand the range of products in the Nostalgi family.



The Nostalgi bench will come in the same finishes and lengths as the other family members. The dimensions for a basic unit will be 1000x450x350 mm (WxHxD). The price will start from 800 EUR excl. VAT.

The Nostalgi hanger will come in clear coated oak, black painted, and white painted ash, all with Satin hooks. The dimensions for the hanger will be 410x204 mm (WxH). The price for three in one package will be 55 EUR excl. VAT.

The new products will be available for purchase from 1 July 2024.

Nostalgi Bench by Roger Persson

Nostalgi Hanger by Roger Persson

A chat with designer Roger Persson


Hello Roger! Please tell us about you?

I'm Roger, an industrial designer with an MFA degree from HDK in Gothenburg and the School of Visual Arts in New York. I've been running my own business in Gothenburg since 2009, specializing in furniture and lighting design. My portfolio extends beyond furniture, including designs for everything from toys to switches. Some of my notable clients include Swedese, Karl Andersson & Söner, Belid, and FOC.

What was important to you when developing Nostalgi further?

When developing Nostalgi further, a key priority was to maintain a strong connection with the existing Nostalgi family. Ensuring that the new bench seamlessly complements older pieces like the Nostalgi hat and shoe rack was crucial. This was achieved by incorporating specific design elements, such as the characteristic round rods and cast aluminum sides with cylindrical cups, which are distinctive features of the Nostalgi series. And finally, to think about functionality during production, assembly and use.


Tell us about the process, where do one start?

After sketching the initial concept – a bench combined with shoe storage, a comprehensive form analysis was undertaken to identify the essential design elements required to integrate it into the Nostalgi product line. At the same time, full-scale prototypes were crafted from wood to evaluate factors such as function, size, and durability.

Given that the bench's sides are cast aluminum, like previous Nostalgi products, further refinement was necessary in constructing it to ensure all desired functions. This extended work was essential for achieving the envisioned design and paving the way for the production of casting molds.


What pointers do you have for anyone who wants to create a welcoming hallway?

To create a welcoming hallway, I often try to align with the spirit and style of the house or apartment as a whole. It's crucial to consider the necessary functions for the entrance and carefully plan storage solutions in alternative areas. This approach is key to achieve both functionality and a pleasant atmosphere in the hallway.