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Finding the right Christmas wreath for your hallway


For some, the hallway is easily forgotten during the Christmas preparations. Despite that, the hallway is the first impression you’ll have of someone’s home as well as where you welcome your guests. The Christmas wreath has a long tradition of welcoming quests during the holidays. A tradition still lasting today. Interior brand Essem Design have partnered up with florist, Sarah Angelsiöö, to inspire and help you find the right Christmas wreath for your specific hallway.

The holiday is getting closer and the Christmas decorations are ready to be unpacked. Many are longing for this special occasion – we are looking forward to once again invite guests as well as spending time with our loved ones. Together with florist Sarah Angelsiöö, Essem Design wants to inspire and help you find the right wreath. A carefully chosen Christmas wreath can complement the characteristics of the hallway and create the inviting impression you want to achieve during Christmas time.

– We believe hallways have a special meaning in the home. An easy way to prepare the home for Christmas, is giving the hallway some extra thoughts and care – since that’s where you’ll welcome your guests. Therefore, we wanted to create a Christmas wreath guide and help you out to find the right wreath based on your hallway’s specific needs, said Robert Bladh, CEO at Essem Design.


Welcome your loved ones with a Christmas wreath suitable for your hallway

The choice of color, design, material and hangings are all aspects to consider when choosing your wreath in order to achieve your desired feeling for the hallway. A Christmas wreath is a great way to complement the hallway’s look and in that way creating a more inviting impression.

– There’s wreaths for all hallways and occasions. For Christmas, we are quite used seeing the traditional needle wreath. However, depending on the specific hallway needs, you can be a bit more creative and go for something more unique. Therefore, we created three distinct wreaths which we hope is inspirational for hallways with different kinds of needs, said Sarah Angelsiöö, florist and owner of Gullvivan in Stockholm.


The Christmas wreath for the classical but gloomy hallway

For the classical hallway with timeless interior, you can’t go wrong with this traditional all-around Christmas wreath. Are you struggling with a somewhat gloomy hallway, just add some Christmas lights and you’ll get the ultimate coziness.

Photo: Essem Design, the Mama hook in use. With tints of greens and a touch of brown, this wreath is a classics. Hang it on the Mama hook in white and a cozy Christmas spirit is set. Find Mama here.


The wreath giving the smaller hallway a Christmas calmness

In order to give the smaller hallway harmony and calmness, this minimalistic Christmas wreath is great inspiration. Hallways with limited space could do well with light nature colors that blends in with the hallway’s already existing color palette.

Photo: Essem Design, the Gloria hook in use. With primarily dried flowers and branches, this Christmas wreath gives the hallway a harmonious feeling. The light and creamy palette blends well with the remaining interior and lightens the hallway. Find Gloria here.


The Christmas wreath for the light and spacious hallway

Do you feel like the hallway lacks of character and comes across as barren, this is the Christmas wreath for you – It’s fresh and gives the hallway a more characteristic fine look. For the light and spacious hallway this unique and distinct wreath can be the perfect choice to brighten up the space.

Photo: Essem Design, the Papa hook in use. With a dash of color, the light and spacious hallway can be perceived as more well-planned and fine looking. Place the wreath on the robust Papa hook in aluminium. Find Papa here.



Utvalda produkter för att göra hallen fin inför julen.

Black textured
From 26.00 EUR
Jonas Bergfeldt’s Mama wall hook is a characterful hook which gives a warm welcome with its open arms. Mama has been awarded the ‘Outstanding Swedish Design’ prize and has been commended at several international shows.
Beige grey
From 32.00 EUR
When Joel Karlsson was asked to design a new hook, he thought about how to modify the traditional coat hook to stop garments without hangers from getting a ‘hook mark’ in the back.
From 26.00 EUR
Designer Stefan Borselius has provided Essem with a robust hook called Papa. Its strong back piece and long arm give it a unique appearance and allow several garments or hangers to be hung on top of each other.