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In the picture is a Hookstrip 2 as well as an Index shoehorn.

How to make a small hallway seem bigger


Small hallways require additional reflection on the interior so that it manages to keep functional as well as giving a welcoming first impression into your home. The winter season demands further consideration and planning of the hallway in order to use the valuable space wisely and fit all the clothes. However, there are some tips and tricks in which the hallway can seem bigger than it actually is — following are 4 tips from Essem Design for small hallways.

Winter will continue for a little while longer which means that the big and space consuming outerwear will remain in the hallway. The hallway is the first meeting with a home and perhaps that’s why it’s of extra matter that it creates a good first impression. Therefore, it’s of importance to find a hallway interior that provides functionality but at the same time feels inviting. More specifically for small hallways, smart solutions for storage are needed in order to fit all the outerwear in an effective yet nice way.

4 easy tricks that makes the small hallway seem bigger


1. Mirrors make spaces seem bigger than they actually are

Keeping a mirror in the hallway isn’t only useful before leaving the home — it’s also a great way to make a small space feel bigger than it actually is. Mirrors have the effect of giving rooms depth as well as creating light which makes a room feel more spacious. Check out our hallway mirrors

In the picture is the mirror Klara.


2. Keep only in-season attire in the hallway. Store the rest away

A common mistake is to store too much outerwear out in the hallway. Only storing the necessary in-season attire out makes a big difference. The rest could well be stored in a closet or stock.

The Dekorativ hookstrip is a great option for the small hallway with it's retractable hooks.


3. Combine a hat rack and a shoe rack for maximum use of space

Combining a hat and shoe rack for the hallway interior is important for saving space, especially in Scandinavian homes. The shifting Scandinavian climate creates high demand of the interior’s performance and quality in order to store more spacious outerwear. Check out our hat racks and shoe racks

Store your clothes on a Nostalgi hat/shoe rack with an additional Oskar hook. There are also School hook double to the right in the picture.


4. Store things vertically — an effective way to use limited space

Storing vertically is an effective way to store your belongings in smaller rooms. It’s a good way of using the room’s height instead of cluttering the rest of the hallway. As a result, more empty spaces are created which makes the hallway seem bigger. Check out our hooks

Place a few mama hooks beneath your Classic hat rack to maximize your storage.



Selected products for the small hallway.

From 376.00 EUR
Full-length mirror with wooden frame that fits into most settings.
From 178.00 EUR
Dekorativ was first put into production during the 60’s. It was designed by Gunnar Bolin with inspiration from a hook strip that he found at his mother in laws house. During the decades it has been popular because of it’s sturdiness and practicality but mostly because of its space saving qualities.
From 136.00 EUR
The Nostalgi hat and shoe racks were designed by Gunnar Bolin in 1937. The rack has come and gone over the years, but is now regarded as a classic in the history of Swedish furniture.

From 11.00 EUR
Hook 1040 is a double traditional school hook made of steel.
Fir green textured
From 26.00 EUR
Jonas Bergfeldt’s Mama wall hook is a characterful hook which gives a warm welcome with its open arms. Mama has been awarded the ‘Outstanding Swedish Design’ prize and has been commended at several international shows.
From 113.00 EUR
Gunnar Bolin designed the Classic hat rack in the late 1950s. Classic. Its rounded form broke new ground and saved a lot of heads from sharp edges.