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Easy organizing tips for the hallway


For many, the hallway is a rather tricky room. It’s the first impression you’ll have of a home. However, it’s often less prioritised and therefore ends up unorganized and uninspiring. Beginning the new year by organizing the hallway is a great way to reduce stress and instead create prerequisites for a more harmonious everyday life. Essem Design wants to give their foremost tips on how to easily go from a chaos to a neatly looking hallway.

New year and a restart. The new year is a great reminder of decluttering and organizing in the home. For many, the hallway gets less thoughts and care compared to other rooms which makes it easy for the room to end up in a mess. The structure in the hallway is crucial in order to remain a neat and decent arrangement of the outerwear as well as loose objects such as keys and mail.


Review the hallway’s storage units

Going through your storage spaces is a great first step towards a more organized hallway. Is there actually enough storage units for all your belongings? If not, this is the first aspect to restore. There’s many ways to create more room for storage; add baskets on top of the hat rack, add additional hooks or other wall storing units.

Essem Design’s wall storage, Ulrika, works great to store loose objects.


Labelling and categorisation

To achieve a structured hallway in the longer run it’s important that all objects have an intended place. Labelling and categorisation of your belongings will help you remaining the functionality of the hallway. We highly recommend assigning individual storage units to all the family’s members; for instance having your own hook or your own shelf in the closet.

Assigning and labelling hooks can ease the process of remaining the hallway neat. Image shows Essem Design’s Mama hook.


Store your belongings seasonally

The new year is here and shortly spring is arriving. Entering a new season is a great reminder of organizing your hallway and to make sure that you’ll only be keeping in-season attire out. The things you use on a daily basis can preferably be stored out on the racks. However, the rest of your belongings are better stored in a closed closet or in storage boxes.

The hat racks is made for storing the everyday belongings. In that way, they’re easy accessible for instance on early mornings. Image shows Essem Design’s classical Nostalgi 291 hat rack.


Go through, organize and declutter

To ease the everyday life, the things you use on a daily basis should be easily accessible, the rest can be stored away. This will give the hallway a more harmonious and spacious impression. To store things packed in boxes requires less space och will give more space to the everyday belongings.

Essem Design’s Clothing House is the perfect portable coat stand. It allows you to get an overview of your favourite belonging.



Selected products for organising the hallway

From 228.00 EUR
A robust and well-made hat rack inspired by the Classic model, but with brackets made of moulded beech, birch or oak instead of steel tubes. Available as a hat and a shoe rack.
Natural wool/White
From 164.00 EUR
Ulrika Storage is made from waste material from the production of our rack Nostalgi. Together with wool felt and vegetable tanned leather, it is a smart solution for scarves, hats and mittens, or for the bicycle key.
From 37.00 EUR
Hanger made from one piece of bent steel. The rounded corners reduce the risk of clothes snagging and getting torn.

Fir green textured
From 26.00 EUR
Jonas Bergfeldt’s Mama wall hook is a characterful hook which gives a warm welcome with its open arms. Mama has been awarded the ‘Outstanding Swedish Design’ prize and has been commended at several international shows.
From 253.00 EUR
The hat rack Nostalgi 291 was designed in the 40’s. It became an appreciated alternative to the classic precursor, Nostalgi, after having received feedback from clients expressing a want for a hat rack with more depth and extra space for hangers.
From 503.00 EUR
Different houses and cottages are the inspiration behind the Clothing House clothes rack. The clothes get their own house which can easily be moved around and can be used to hang visitors’ coats or to store your own clothes.