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Prepare the hallway for fall


Fall is here and the colder weather demands a though-out hallway. It’s time to dust down the
autumn outerwear although it can make it harder to remain the hallway neat and structured. Thick outerwear, wet weather and muddy grounds as well as more accessories such as gloves and umbrellas requires some extra care and consideration of the hallway. Essem Design presents their foremost tips on how to prepare the hallway for fall.

Unfortunately, summer reached its end. However, the coziness of fall is just around the corner. During fall and winter time it’s of need to look over the structure of the hallway. Make sure to
equip the hallway before the real coldness arrives in order to keep it structured. To adapt the home to the current season is particularly important for the hallway since the transition from
summer to fall creates whole new needs.


4 smart tips to prepare the hallway for fall


1. Store things seasonal

Perhaps, what’s most crucial to prepare for the hallway is to make sure to only keep in-season attire in the hallway – the rest can be stored away. It’s about time to put away the summer wardrobe and replace it with the fall essentials and clothes. The things used on a daily basis can be stored on the hat rack. Meanwhile, the rest could well be stored in a closet or stock.


2. A combined hat and shoe rack

The importance of a combined hat and shoe rack is obvious when the fall arrives. The hat rack needs to be able to store heavier and spacious outerwear. Based on that, it’s to prefer a hat rack with both hooks and space for hangers. Furthermore, the fall weather entails muddy and wet shoes. A proper shoe rack can ease and make sure the floor doesn’t get damaged.


3. Additional storage solutions

Make sure to think of some additional storage solutions during the months of autumn. For instance, adding a wall storage or extra hooks can be helpful to keep the loose autumn objects.
Also, a portable wardrobe or a coat stand could be a good option to get better structure of fall essentials such as scarfs, umbrellas and gloves.


4. Hooks besides the entrance

To place hooks nearby the entrance is an easy way to avoid a mess while arriving home from the rain. In that way, you can easily hang the wet accessories right by the entrance and evade dragging mud and wet inside the home. Make sure to invest in hooks that manages to hold heavier outerwear and preferably in which you can hang your belongings in multiple ways.


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