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The Christmas Guide from Essem Design: Five Products Almost Too Beautiful to Give


Do you feel it? There is something in the air. And it's not just the scent of gingerbread, cinnamon stars, and other Christmas treats. The celebration of love and family is drawing closer, and many people are starting to think about what to give their parents, siblings, friends, and acquaintances. The selection is as overwhelming as the prices can sometimes be. That's why the Swedish family company Essem Design is focusing on five products this year that meet all the criteria for a successful Christmas gift.

Everyone Needs Mama

Jonas Bergfeldt's wall hook Mama is an exceptionally warm hook that welcomes you with open arms into your home. The straightforward design is quiet yet inviting. Whether you mount the model in a narrow hallway or use it as a small helper in the bathroom, Mama is always there for you. The hook has won the Excellent Swedish Design award and has been honored at international exhibitions.


Mama is available in the colors structured black, white, red, pine green, beige gray, barn red, and violet blue.


Price starting from 26.00 euros.


And, of course, Papa too


Not only mothers have their own wall hook: Essem Design has created a namesake for all fathers as well. With Papa, designer Stefan Borselius has expanded the range with a robust hanger. The stable base and the long arm give the hook a unique appearance, and it can hold several pieces of clothing stacked on top of each other.


Papa is available in the colors structured black, white, pine green, beige gray, barn red, and violet blue.


Price starting from 26.00 euros.


Inspired by the Index Finger


It has never been easier to put on your shoes with the Index. By avoiding any unnecessary decoration, the shoehorn Index impresses with its pure functionality. The design is minimalist, and the usage is incredibly simple. The name Index is derived from the index finger, which is usually used to put on shoes – a clever idea from the design studio Bedow.


Index is available in structured black or white.


Price 21.00 euros.


In Retrospect


The name is a real tongue twister: Tillbakablick. The mirror, designed by the Bedow design studio, is a testament to the modest design of the Shaker movement. Its functional design allows for easy mounting and movement. The model, translated as 'looking back' in English, is available in oiled or stained birch plywood, in round and rectangular designs.


Price starting from 285.00 euros.


Ulrika – Neatly Stored


Do you also wonder where to store the many small items in the hallway for which there is no shelf or rack? Ulrika is the answer. The storage compartment can be quickly and easily mounted on the wall with just a few simple steps. It provides a solution for scarves, hats, gloves, or even the bicycle key. The model is made from off-cut materials that accumulate during the production of the Nostalgi hat shelf. Together with wool felt and vegetable-tanned leather, Ulrika also stands out for its sustainable aspects.


Price 164.00 euros.



Selected products for Essem Designs launch of the Endless hook.

Fir green textured
From 26.00 EUR
Jonas Bergfeldt’s Mama wall hook is a characterful hook which gives a warm welcome with its open arms. Mama has been awarded the ‘Outstanding Swedish Design’ prize and has been commended at several international shows.
Natural wool/Black
From 164.00 EUR
Ulrika Storage is made from waste material from the production of our rack Nostalgi. Together with wool felt and vegetable tanned leather, it is a smart solution for scarves, hats and mittens, or for the bicycle key.
From 21.00 EUR
Removing all redundant decoration leaves pure functionality. Index is a shoehorn in its most refined form.