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How to organize and keep the family hallway neat


As a family with kids it can feel challenging to find a structure for the hallway. Many associate the hallway with stress since it might be difficult to leave in the morning with the kids. Therefore, Essem Design wants to share some simple solutions for the hallway that can ease the morning routine for a family with kids.

The family hallway requires extra consideration regarding storage and structure in order to get a smoother everyday life. With kids it’s easy for the hallway to end up a mess, which then makes it harder to leave in the morning. Organizing and a clear structure of each individual’s attire can ease the process. There are easy tips and tricks for the family hallway that increases the functionality without compromising the look and aesthetics of your hallway. These tricks revolves around creating more storage and assigning storage and space for each person, thus creating a more convenient hallway for all members in the family. Following are the 5 foremost tips from Essem Design.

5 easy tricks to keep the family hallway proper and neat


1. Label and assign hooks for the kids

To label storage and hooks for every family member is an effective way to get the hallway neater. Having your own space for storage makes it both easier to find your belongings as well as keeping the hallway tidy. Furthermore, it makes the kids more motivated to keep their storage neat since they feel a greater responsibility when it’s a place assigned for them specifically. Find our hooks here.


2. Wall storage for the loose objects

For many families there’s a need to find a place in which small and loose objects can be stored when you get home. To have a wall storage is a great solution. Essem Design’s Ulrika storage is a nice way to store small items such as your kid’s gloves and earphones. Check out Ulrika.


3. S-hooks to make the storage on the hat rack reachable

To place baskets on top of the hat rack is very effective but for the smallest in the family they can be hard to reach. An easy solution is to use so called S-hooks. If you have a net-like rack, you can use S-hooks to place baskets underneath the rack instead. This is a great way to organize your family attire while keeping it reachable for the children.


4. Versatile hooks — functional and an effective way of using space

Versatile hooks can make it easier to store attire for more people. Having hooks that allow for more than one way to hang makes it easier for kids to store things altogether.


5. Hooks nearby the entrance to store kid’s used outerwear

Wet jackets and muddy gloves can easily create a mess in the hallway - especially if there’s no place dedicated to store them. Therefore it’s of great use to place hooks nearby the entrance for the kid’s to hang their used outerwear when they get home. This doesn’t only create a structure for the kid’s outerwear, it also makes it easier to keep the hallway clean.


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